Information for Staff

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In the workplace, staff members should be aware of the following guidelines.

Log Your Vaccination/Booster(s) 


  • All employees must complete the COVID-19 Safety Training course and are automatically enrolled in the course on Canvas.

Complete Your Daily Health Screen

  • Respond to the Daily Health Screen survey and only come to campus if you are not experiencing flu-like symptoms. 
  • The survey will be sent daily to campus email addresses or can be accessed at
  • Public Safety officials will be posted at high traffic areas of campus to check for the CLEAR message, indicating campus access is allowed.


  • Testing is not required to return to campus from a break.
  • Weekly testing is not currently required, nor determined by vaccination status.
  • In-person testing is available at no cost on the Orange campus at the COVID-19 Testing Center, 145 Sycamore Avenue, just west of the Student Health Center. Results from this testing site will be automatically entered into the university’s test submission system. The COVID-19 Testing Center building’s access contains two steps with no ramp. If you need assistance, please press the doorbell button on the post outside the door and a staff member will assist you. To make alternative arrangements, please call 714-997-6851 to schedule an appointment. For your appointment, go to the Health Center through the front door at 402 N. Glassell Street.
  • Report an off-campus COVID-19 test.
  • Anyone experiencing symptoms has access to Chapman COVID-19 testing in the Student Health Center, or the Chapman COVID-19 Testing Center.
  • If individuals do test positive for COVID-19, either on-site or with an off-site or self-test, there continues to be a mandated isolation period of ten days. Testing at five days is an option and will shorten the isolation period if a negative test is received. During the required isolation, employees should check with their supervisor regarding guidelines.
  • Employees and student employees may use California’s Supplemental Paid Sick Leave first (up to) 40-hour bank if they are (or have been) unable to work or telework for any of the following reasons between Jan. 1, 2022, and Sept. 30, 2022.


  • Both Cal/OSHA and CDPH strongly recommend wearing masks while indoors. We also encourage it on the Chapman shuttles. 
  • Anyone is welcome to wear masks indoors and outdoors based on comfort level.
  • Members of the Chapman community can request but not require others to wear a mask while on campuses.
  • Face shields are available by contacting Facilities Management at

Let’s Stay Healthy Together

Learn about the safety guidelines, testing procedures and vaccine resources for both Chapman University and Orange County. Guidelines for keeping healthy are based upon recommendations from the CDC and local health authorities. By working together and following these guidelines, we can help protect the health of everyone on campus and in our community.
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At the high-risk community level, face coverings are highly recommended on campus, indoors and on university shuttles.

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All faculty, staff and students are required either to submit proof of having all vaccinations and boosters for which they are eligible or to file a personal declination. To be considered fully vaccinated, individuals must be current with all available boosters as outlined by the CDC including the second booster shot for those 50 years and older.



All faculty, staff and students are required to get tested if they have symptoms, those unvaccinated or not current with the eligible booster must test once per week. Report an off-campus COVID-19 test. Anyone in close contact with a person who has Covid must get tested. Students and/or faculty in certain programs (e.g. Dodge College) are required to get tested according to program requirements. Additionally, unvaccinated persons must test once per week. 

Learn more about testing options at the Student Health Center or Chapman’s COVID-19 Testing Center.


Daily Health Clear

Faculty, staff and students must show evidence of their successful daily health screening to access campus buildings.

Have Additional Questions?

Please review this list of frequently asked questions about current coronavirus policies and recent announcements regarding travel, on-campus dining, and school- or department-specific requirements.